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Lisa B. Binder

g2G Associates, LLC

(215) 219-7529

FIRST JOB: When I was 16 I worked at McDonald's. I took 2 buses and a trolley to get there.

HOW/WHY CHOSE FIELD: During my 30 year career in banking and financial services, I most enjoyed mentoring and coaching leaders and emerging leaders. Now I do that fulltime.

DEFINING CAREER MOMENT: Saying yes to career changes even when my stomach says, "Are you really ready for this?"

KEYS TO SUCCESS: Integrity, discipline, a get-it-done attitude, staying connected, and delivering results.

MOTIVATOR: Connecting with others and getting energy through their energy.

MENTOR: My husband, Chris, because in his eyes I can never be a failure.

PASSION: Connecting with people. I love to hear their stories.

LEADERSHIP TIP: Be true to yourself while valuing the voices of those around you.

ADVICE TO PASS ON: Stop thinking about what's next and be present to the moment.

FOR A LAUGH: I watch YouTube videos of kids and puppies.