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Believe in yourself; set goals; surround yourself with people that are doers and not just talkers.

Beverly D. Chandran, Realtor®, Series 6, 63, Banking/Insurance/Investment

Coldwell Banker - Welker Real Estate

2311 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130 - 1904 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146
(301) 204-2292
bev@cashflow-realestate. biz

FIRST JOB: I was a papergirl; my entrepreneurial spirit started young.

MOST PROUD OF: Being an entrepreneur who has been able to weather many economic storms.

KEYS TO SUCCESS: Believing in myself and my capabilities; being willing to do the hard work to see the dream realized; and not letting adverse circumstances throw me off balance.

MENTORS: I am always open to being a student. When I meet an accomplished individual who has succeeded in an area I want to succeed in, I ask to be mentored.

LEADERSHIP TIP: Teamwork is vital; you can't do everything yourself.

DEFINING CAREER MOMENT: I realized that there was a lack of gratitude and appreciation in the corporate world particularly compared to my work ethic, so I vowed to never work that hard again unless it was for myself.

MOTIVATORS: Having a flexible career which allows me to take a 3-4 week vacation each year, or at least multiple vacations.

PASSION: Visiting 1 or 2 destinations every year from a travel book of best places to see.

FOR A LAUGH: I do Salsa dancing; it makes me smile and laugh.