Women's Yellow Pages of Greater Philadelphia


At the height of the financial crisis I transitioned to a new company. Instead of being a risk, it proved to be a brilliant move.

Rachel R. Cohen, CFP®, CRPC®, CDFA™

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

One Tower Bridge, 100 Front Street, Suite 600, West Conshohocken, PA 19428
(610) 260-7385

FIRST JOB: I worked the cash register and wrapped large gifts in a shop. I learned to smile, even under pressure.

MOST PROUD OF: That my clients have peace of mind in their financial lives.

I WISH I HAD KNOWN YEARS AGO: When you spread yourself too thin, you don't do anything well.

MENTOR: My father - he personifies perseverence, puts family first, and gives sage advice.

LEADERSHIP TIP: Always look for the best in people.

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: Deliver on what you promise and people will respect and trust you.

HOW/WHY CHOSE CAREER: I love helping people and I adore finance and money. My field is ever-evolving, never boring, intellectually stimulating, and offers opportunities for success.

MOTIVATOR: Being the best I can be so that I won't look back on life and regret anything.

PASSION: Making sure my sons grow up to be wise, compassionate, and well-rounded in life.

FOR A LAUGH: I watch comedy shows with my sons.