Women's Yellow Pages of Greater Philadelphia


When a Regional V.P. of Events told me, "You were born to do this. You must pursue this as your career."

Mazda T. Miles, President

Perfection Events, Inc.

1650 Market Street, 36th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103
(888) 267-1859

FIRST JOB: When I was 12, I stuffed mailers for a brokerage firm. This was in Alaska and we started work at 4:00 am to keep time with the New York Stock Exchange.

MOST PROUD OF: Following my dream during tough economic times.

KEYS TO SUCCESS: Being equally focused and resolved in both my personal and business life.

MENTOR: My mother, who came to the U.S. from Central America as a teenager. She raised 3 kids, retired as a U.S. Air Force Official, and is now fostering at-risk teenage girls. She taught me I can do anything if I put my mind, heart and soul into it.

LEADERSHIP TIP: Delegation is only effective when mixed with trust.

HOW/WHY CHOSE FIELD: It chose me. I was in administrative support and my jobs seemed to always be overtaken by event planning; and I loved it.

MOTIVATOR: The future; to do charitable work for at-risk teens.

LIFE LESSON: You reap what you sow.

ADVICE TO PASS ON: To obtain happiness and joy, find the real you and live for that person.

FOR A LAUGH: I pull up old episodes of Friends online.