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Others must say you are a leader; you can't claim it yourself.

Tara Colquitt

The Credit Woman, LLC

(215) 350-2483

FIRST JOB: I worked the cash register at Gino's fast food restaurant. I worked the cash register at Gino's fast food restaurant.

HOW CHOSE FIELD: When I separated from my ex-husband, I also separated from our joint business. In 2006, credit was a very hot field. It was also the exact match for my talents.

PROUD OF: My ability to get people to open up about and painlessly revisit the tough issues that contributed to their credit problems.

DEFINING CAREER MOMENT: In 2008, after months of networking and speaking passionately on credit issues, a woman recognized me in a non-business setting as "The Credit Woman!" I knew I was effectively communicating and making a difference.

KEYS TO SUCCESS: My ethics guide me in all I do.

MOTIVATOR: The quote: "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

I WISH I HAD KNOWN YEARS AGO: How to invest my money and use it wisely. I was told to do it, but wasn't told how.

LIFE LESSON: You can't go back and start over, but you can start now and make a new ending.

BIGGEST INFLUENCE: My paternal Grandfather who told me you can't make others want something they don't want for themselves…and that failure is not fatal.

ADVICE TO PASS ON: Accept others without trying to make them into something they aren't.